Office 365 A1 Plus 自定义前缀

Office 365 A1 Plus 自定义前缀

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Office 365 A1 Plus 子账号,可自定义前缀。使用 2015 年老全局开号,可以在 5 台电脑上激活 Office 365 桌面应用程序,同时还包括 1TB OneDrive 空间。为了您的数据安全,请仔细阅读下面的“使用风险”一节。

使用该账户时应遵守当地法律法规、遵守微软TOS;不得使用该账户发送垃圾邮件;不得使用该账户大规模公开分享文件;原则上每用户只能创建一个API (本域禁止从网页访问 AAD,请使用 Azure CLI 进行创建),且不得过度调用影响他人。违反上述条款的账户将被封禁。


1. 账号能用多久?
2. 翻车会怎么样?
从以往的经验来看,A1P 一般情况只会封禁 OneDrive,其他功能不受影响。
3. 我可以存重要文件吗?管理员可以看我的文件吗?


Office 365 A1 Plus sub-account, customizable prefix. You can activate the Office 365 desktop app on 5 PCs, and also include 1TB of OneDrive space. For the safety of your data, please read the "Risks of Use" section below carefully.

When using this account, you should abide by local laws, regulations and Microsoft TOS. You must NOT use this account to send spam. You must NOT use this account to share files publicly on a large scale. In principle, each user can only create one API, and you must not make excessive calls to affect others. Accounts that violate the above terms will be banned.

Risk of use:
If you need an absolutely stable account, please support the genuine version. If you believe in what others called lifetime, buy elsewhere.
1. How long can the account be used?
The so-called theory is permanent, in fact, there is NO guarantee. It can be used all the time until Microsoft block it.
2. What will happen if Microsft blocks my account?
From past experience, A1P generally only blocks OneDrive, and other functions are not affected.
3. Can I upload important files? Can admins see my files?
Refer to the second section, the data CANNOT be retrieved if blocked by Micrsoft. Of course admins can see your files, but I wouldn't.