Office 365 A1P 1k 教育全局

Office 365 A1P 1k 教育全局

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Office 365 A1 Plus


许可证类型:Office 365 A1 Plus / Office 365 A1
许可证数量:500+500 A1P / 50W+100W A1 (购买订阅)
全局类型:教育 (有教育TAG)
Onedrive 空间限制:5T / 号
是否带域名:是,不包括所有权 (请不要删除自带域名,否则会立即翻车)

全局创建时间 [Teams]:2022
质保时间:30 天 (请不要更改订阅,否则无质保)



Warning: Please abide by the relevant regulations and TOS when using. It's forbidden to send spam, share files on a large scale. Violation and abuse are not guaranteed. The account may be blocked by Microsoft one day, please back up your data at any time.

License Type: Office 365 A1 Plus / Office 365 A1
Number of licenses: 500+500 A1P / 500,000+1,000,000 A1 (Buy subscription)
Account type: Education (Education subscriptions can be purchased)
Onedrive storage limit: 5T / Account
With domain: Yes, ownership not included (Do NOT delete the exist domain in account, otherwise will be blocked immediately)
Account creation time [Teams]: 2022
Source: New Registration - Domain Verification
Country / Region: JP
Warranty time: 30 days (Please do not change the subscription, otherwise no warranty)

Note: Please make your own data backup to prevent accidents.